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To ensure that your projects are successful, we remain in motion for you

How do we perform our services

  • Participation in projects as a generalist
  • Individual orders

What are we doing?

  • researching
    • structures (for example, information flows)
    • feedback of users and customers
    • additional knowledge holders with specific knowledge
    • statistics
    • literature searches
  • generating Data
    • measure: possibly together with professionals
    • question: interviews and discussions with experts, developing and conducting
  • documenting
    • evaluate and present data
    • analyze
    • developing solutions

Our results

  • project reports
  • advancement compliance
  • usability studies

Our aspiration

  • short documents with focused content
  • generally comprehensible language
  • analysis, reveal a variety of opportunities
  • visual realization for fast detection of complex content

Our experience

  • product development
  • advancement organization and Compliance
  • usability study (UX)
  • GUI-concepts
  • concept database